A brief guide to Ultrasound Scans

Are you searching for a clinic to do ultrasound in Singapore? You are at the right place! Anteh Dispensary is a clinic with ultrasound capabilities for all your general needs!

What is an Ultrasound Scan?

Ultrasound Scan, also known as Sonogram, is the medical imaging or scanning of the body parts using high-frequency sound waves that pass through the body tissues and produce images on the screen. The ultrasound scan can be external, internal, or endoscopic where the probe of the ultrasound moves externally on the surface of the skin, inserted inside the body, or attached to the endoscope respectively.

Since ultrasound scans do not involve exposure to any radiation and only sound waves are used, the patient is not exposed to harmful ionising radiation.

What is POCUS?

We offer POCUS, also referred to as Point Of Care UltraSound (or sonography). We use either microchip-based ultra-portable or traditional piezoelectric ultrasonographic machines to examine and diagnose any underlying conditions in the body of the patient.

Not only does it help further assess a clinical problem that you have, it’s also commonly done to assess the important basic parameters of a fetus during pregnancy. The practice of POCUS saves the trouble of a patient having to make an appointment and waiting for the report of an ultrasound. It is now being used to quickly assess emergencies such as chest pain, pleural effusion, kidney stones / retention of urine and also musculoskeletal conditions. It has also been used around the world during COVID19 to assess the lungs and quickly triage suspected COVID19 patients.

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The advantage of a bedside ultrasound is that because it is performed by a physician and interpreted immediately, treatment decisions can be made quickly without the lag time of an appointment or having to travel elsewhere.

POCUS is commonly used around the world for the diagnosis of the following conditions:

– Appendicitis, kidney and gallbladder stones, internal bleeding, perforated viscus

– Initial assessments of lumps and bumps on the body

– Assessment of vessels, aorta, liver, and kidneys

– Diagnosis and follow up of Benign prostatic hyperplasia, testicular lumps, hernias

– Detects the presence of ovarian cysts and fibroids

– Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, ligament tears and sprains, and joint swellings.

Hence ,Anteh is part of ultrasound clinic Singapore to help patients streamline the diagnosis faster during consultation . With reasonable fee, Clinic with ultrasound helps to save patient time & cost .

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