How successful STD test and STI treatment for HIV patients


Sexually transmitted disease or STD can be fatal, and life threatens health issues. If it is not treated, then there are high chances that STD and STI will affect your health, and there will be a lot of damage it can cause to your health. There is a higher probability that you might have sexually transmitted disease, and its impact can take a toll on your body. One can have many health problems due to STD and STI, which, if not solved on time, you have a higher risk of HIV. It can affect your health with diseases like infertility, cancer, blindness, and organ failure. All these potential life risk health problems can cause severe damage to your life. According to many research and stats, many new cases are involved with STI, and people can treat and discharge quickly. But it is also a reality check that most STI symptoms are hard to detect or diagnose. The stigma around STI also does not help as people are reluctant to confess their health deterioration to the doctor and medical team. But it is a fact that we should not rely on symptoms alone to guess if there is STD , testing procedure is the only way to diagnose the STI, and it is recommended by all doctors and medical support groups worldwide.

How men and women can have STD test done successfully?

Many men often think that they will know the STD symptoms without any concern. But most of the cases fail to understand the STD symptoms as there are no specific signs of STD happening to men. It is, therefore, hard to predict or believe the signs of STD. Understanding the high risks and knowing the characters are both critical and crucial for sexually proactive and passionate man for sex engagement. STD test Singapore is one of the most highly rated STD testing procedures where people get tested on whether they have any signs or symptoms of sexually transmitted infection or not. Some STDs , such as , Chlamydia ,are bacterial STDs transmitted during sexual acts like oral, anal, or vaginal sex with someone who is infected with Chlamydia. The signs of Chlamydia often may appear only after becoming infected for several weeks.For HIV and syphilis and others , they may not have symptoms for 5 years .

Please go to a reliable STD testing clinic for test . There are anonymous test available as well .

Preventing STD

Many people can be infected without getting any symptoms. This can happen . The only way you can reduce the chance of STD infection is to have sex with somebody that has been tested free from STI, or to use condoms while experiencing sexual intercourse. Oral sex also should use condom. The correct use of condom reduces the chance of infection by more than 90 % .Dental dams or condom can be used for oral-genital contact.STD screening Singapore Helps to pick up asymptomatic STI

How are STI test conducts and performed?

Depending on your sex history and sex experience, your doctor will prescribe or do some testing to check for STI like a blood test, urine test, swabs, or physical exams. Most STI tests are evaluated based on blood samples and urine / vagina swabsamples. STI treatment clinic helps people to do their STI testing and eliminate fear and anxiety successfully.


STIs are commonly asymptomatic and testing is needed to get to the bottom of the picture. The testing can vary depending upon what types of STI doctors are checking for. Feel free to tell your doctor about your sexual history and how often you engage in sexual relationships with partners. Once you convey all facts, they can help you. Select the right tests according to your risk profile and budget . Everything will be kept confidential according to medical codeof patient’s confidentiality.

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