How To Choose The Right Clinic With Ultrasound

Choosing an ultrasound clinic in Singapore is a big decision and one that must be taken with caution. This will be the clinic you use for all of your ultrasounds and therefore you want to make sure you make the right choice. As the demand for 4D ultrasound scans begins to increase, many new ultrasound clinics are beginning to open, most of which offer baby scan experiences at a competitive price. However, the quality of experience offered by each of these businesses differs from one to the next, making it extremely difficult for individuals to find the option for them. It’s also extremely sad when expectant parents pay for a private scan, only to be left with low-grade images.

To help you choose the clinic with ultrasound for you, we have created a guideline you can follow. This guideline will make sure you find a clinic that suits your needs, providing you with a professional, friendly service whilst guaranteeing high-quality images with each visit. Here are the top tips you should use.

1. Look For An Approved and Regulated Scan Provider

When looking for an ultrasound clinic in Singapore the first thing you must do is check they are regulated. Though not common, there are some clinics who will try to operate without the right regulations. Make sure that you are being looked over by fully qualified healthcare professionals with a license to perform ultrasound scans. This will avoid you being scammed by a company. If you are unsure as to whether or not the business is regulated, ask for proof. However, this will usually already be shown directly on the website.

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2. Ask About Previous Experience

Although experience does not necessarily determine the overall quality of a service, it is certainly a good sign. No business is able to operate for years if the service they offer is poor. The more experience a business has, the better their service is likely to be. You can also ask about previous situations that are similar to yours. The clinics will make sure their team consists of highly qualified, highly skilled healthcare professionals who will make sure you leave the clinic every time feeling completely satisfied with your time there.

3. Make Sure The Equipment Is Up To Date

They will choose cheaper, less reliable models rather than utilizing the technology. In general, you should look out for the latest ultrasound machines.

4. Make Sure Safety Precautions Are In Place

Much like any medical practice you attend, you want to make sure the equipment and facilities are completely safe for you and your baby. Ask a member of staff how often the baby scans are inspected and tested and make sure they’re certified completely safe.

5. Look For A Complete Service

Ask the clinics in question whether or not their sonographers are specialized in diagnostic ultrasound scanning. If they say they are, they will be able to provide you with a souvenir scan whilst simultaneously assessing the health and growth of your unborn child. This will help to make sure development is going as it should.

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6. Ask For Pregnancy Report

Ask the clinic whether or not they offer a pregnancy report. This report will provide you with all the data that is gathered throughout the scanning process. It includes several different measurements including the estimated due date, destination age and even more detailed measurements such as the current position of the baby inside the womb.

7. Look For Proof Of Excellent Customer Service

It’s okay for an ultrasound clinic to brag about qualifications, but what are their levels of customer service like? This is just as important as any qualification they may have. Make sure they offer a friendly approach in which you feel cared for by the members of staff. In order to do this, look at previous reviews available on the site. Were the team praised for their approach to their clients? You can also gain some personal insight through your initial call. Was the team member who answered the phone friendly? Or did they make you feel uncomfortable? If they made you feel uncomfortable, it’s likely that the clinic in question isn’t for you.

8. Ask About The Facilities

You want to feel as relaxed as you possibly can during each visit. Make sure the clinic you choose has facilities that suit your expectations. In general, modern, comfortable clinics will not only help you to feel at ease but will also utilize the scan technology. If you want more information, you can also ask how often the clinic is cleaned and what precautions are used to make sure the clinic is safe for each patient.

9. Ask If Others Can Join You During Your Scan

A pregnancy is an extremely exciting time for the family. During your scan, the last thing you want to feel is alone. Most clinics will allow you to have multiple guests during your scan, which will help you to feel relaxed and at ease during the whole process

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