Rapid Syphilis Test and Treatment in Singapore

Fast and Effective Syphilis Treatment in singapore

If you believe that you may have syphilis or are showing a number of symptoms, then we can provide you with an anonymous rapid syphilis test to diagnose you. If we find that you have the infection, we can then provide you with syphilis treatment to remove it from your system, ensuring that nobody else is infected and you are alleviated from your symptoms. Syphilis itself is a bacterial infection that is caught by having sex with a person who has already contracted the infection. We always advise that you get checked as soon as you show any sign of infection, no matter how minor it may seem. The sooner you are treated, the better you will recover and the easier your recovery will be. Following your syphilis test, we can provide you with a course of antibiotics to treat the infection. However, it is important to know that antibiotics do not provide you with immunity and you may still catch the infection after your course. As a result, it is important that your sexual partner is checked out too.

The Symptoms of syphilis

We make use of a rapid syphilis test to quickly diagnose any symptoms that you may have. This ensures that we can provide you with fast treatment should you have the infection. The symptoms of syphilis are not always obvious and may even disappear altogether. If this does occur, you are still infected and can even pass the infection onto other individuals. Additionally, some people never display any symptoms which is why it is always important for your partner to get diagnosed should you have syphilis. We recommend that you are tested throughout the year and whenever you have sex with a new partner.

Whilst syphilis may not display any symptoms, the symptoms that it does display may include:

·         Small, often painless sores or ulcers that can be found around the penis, vagina, or around the anus, as well as the mouth

·         A strange-looking, blotchy red rash that often affects the palms of the hands or soles of the feet

·         Small skin growths (similar to genital warts) this can develop in the vulva for women and the anus for men and women.

·         Small white patches in and around the mouth

·         Physical symptoms such as excessive tiredness, headaches, joint pains, high temperature and swollen glands in your neck, groin or armpits

Rapid Syphilis

Whilst at first syphilis may appear harmless, it can spread to other areas of the body if not treated. These areas include the heart and even the brain. This can result in a wide range of cognitive issues and even result in the deterioration of the brain should you not receive treatment.

How our team treat Syphilis

Syphilis can be treated in a wide number of different ways. The treatment that you receive will depend on the severity of your symptoms, as well as how long you have had the infection. The most common treatment is an injection into your butt. This may be conducted once. However, you may need three injections if you have had the infection for a longer period of time. If you are unable to receive an injection (due to allergy ) we can also provide you with antibiotics. Depending on the amount of time you have had syphilis, this course will last between two to four weeks. After your course, we will test you again to ensure that the infection has been killed. Following your treatment, we advise avoiding all sexual activity, including oral for up to two weeks.

How is syphilis spread?

The most common way of contracting syphilis is through unprotected sex with someone who is already infected. This can include anal and oral sex, and using a sex toy that someone else had used whilst infected. Syphilis can also be passed down through childbirth, meaning that if you have the infection, it is likely that your unborn child will too.

A less common way to contract the infection is through sharing a needle with someone who is already infected or a blood transfusion. This is uncommon in Singapore, as blood is tested before it is provided to an individual and clean needles are always used in medical practices.

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Rapid Syphilis Test Singapore

For finding the syphilis treatment in Singapore, it is necessary to get yourself tested for syphilis first. Rapid syphilis test in Singapore is readily available at Anteh dispensary Pte Ltd & Little Cross Family Clinic Pte Ltd. A rapid syphilis test is a blood test for the rapid plasma reagin (RPR). It helps in screening out syphilis by detecting the antibodies for the syphilis bacteria in your body.

Rapid syphilis test in Singapore is ideal for fast, easy, and screening of syphilis in the body. You can consult us for syphilis testing (RPR and VDRL tests) and syphilis treatment in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Syphilis can be treated with penicillin.

Yes, syphilis can be healed if you get the correct antibiotics from your doctor. Treatment, on the other hand, may not be able to reverse the infection’s effects.

In the last five years, an average of 1,500 syphilis cases have been reported annually in Singapore, according to health officials.

Syphilis can be contracted without having sexual contact. It is enough to come into intimate touch with an infected person’s genitals, mouth, or rectum to become infected.

Syphilis takes anywhere from 10 days to 3 months to develop. You can contract syphilis by having unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse with an infected person. It can also spread through skin-to-skin contact if the syphilis rash or sore is present.