Teleconsult (Telemedicine)

Triggered by the Covid 19 Circuit Breaker Measure, Some of you may not feel like going out of the house . Please feel free to enquire about our teleconsultation services. You can choose our online doctor consultation at Anteh Pharmacy.

Most importantly, telemedicine is NOT for emergency unstable sickness such as sudden severe chest pain or breathlessness or fever more than 3 days.

The process is as follows:

  1. WeChat/whatsapp/SMS Small window to get a preliminary understanding of the medical history and medications (preliminary assessment of whether you can see a doctor online)
  2. The staff contact the doctor to communicate the time of online consultation.
  3. Set an appointment time
  4. The doctor will consult with the patient via video or telephone.
  5. The payment method can be through paynow or WeChat
  6. The clinic staff prepare the medicine and find the courier to deliver it to the door. (Can choose contactless receipt)

The benefits of seeing a doctor online at our clinic are:

  1. There is no complicated online app operation, and the procedure is clear.
  2. You can choose English/Chinese/Thai language service to avoid language barrier. Protect the privacy of patients, and will not disclose the patient’s medical situation like everyone. (The same goes for offline doctor visits)
  3. Instant online for easy communication.

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