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As we grow older and our bodies develop, we slowly become more prone to developing an ingrown toenail. This can occur at any stage in our lives and is often something that we cannot control. However, if the toenail is not treated, they can cause a wide number of problems within your life and in serious cases can limit your ability to walk due to the pain. Our team can help you with our ingrown toenail treatment or ingrown toenail removal. At our ingrown toenail clinic, we have worked with a wide range of individuals, providing each and every one of them with a practical solution to the problems that they are experiencing. In many circumstances, you may not require professional help for your ingrown toenail, being able to treat it all from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the ways you can try to treat your toenail should you believe it has become ingrown.

Soften the skin around your toe by soaking it in warm water two to three times a day. Repeat this for a few days as it will stop your nail from growing into your toe.

Throughout the rest of the week, keep your foot away from any damp or humid conditions, ensuring that it stays dry when it is not being soaked.

Wear appropriate footwear and in particular comfortable shoes or sandals to prevent any collision with your toenail.

If you are experiencing extreme pain, take an over the counter painkiller to counteract.

If this does not work after four to five days and you are still experiencing significant pain, it is that you consult a professional.

Whilst you are doing this to assist your toe, avoid all of the following:

  • Cutting your toenail; this is often a mistake that many people do and can cause significantly more harm than good
  • Under no circumstances should you pick your toe, even if it is to release the nail. This will increase the pain level and also increase the risk of infection.
  • Avoid any tight or pointy footwear which may work to aggravate your toe even further.

What are Ingrown Toenails Caused By?

As we grow older, we can become more prone to developing ingrown toenails, but what are they actually caused by? They are more common in individuals who are prone to sweaty feet, such as teenagers who are going through puberty. Additionally, they are often found in older people, as our toenails thicken as we grow older.

All of the following will make you significantly more prone to developing an ingrown toenail and should be avoided whenever possible.

By cutting toenails incorrectly, you put yourself at risk of an ingrown toenail. This is especially true if you fail to cut around the nail, as you may cause your nail to grow directly into your toe.

Naturally growing irregular, curved toenails. Although unavoidable, you will be more prone to developing an ingrown nail.

Consistently wearing footwear that places a lot of pressure on the big toes, this also includes socks and stockings that are too tight. If you do this often, you place yourself at a much higher risk.

Any form of toenail injury such as stubbing it on a desk, dropping a heavy object onto your foot or continuously kicking a ball in a certain area of your foot.

Poor posture can cause an ingrown toenail due to the pressure on your feet.

Consistently poor foot hygiene. In particular – having wet or sweaty feet without washing them on a daily basis.

By using your feet in physical activities, you might also be putting yourself at a greater risk of developing an ingrown toenail. Sports such as football, ballet and kickboxing all place you at a much higher risk.

Treatment Services

Should your symptoms persist for over a week, we can provide you with an ingrown toenail treatment through our ingrown toenail removal services. We will remove the toenail for you, ensuring that your toes are feeling as good as new! Drop by our ingrown toenail clinic today and find out how our ingrown toenail treatment and ingrown toenail removal services can help you with the problems that you are experiencing!

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